Chilhowee Psychological Services

Chilhowee Psychological Services

Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS) provides a wide range of psychological and emotional disability assessment and prescriptive services. Although we typically cater to clients who have emotional or psychological disabilities and need formal diagnostic assessment and prescriptive documentation, we also offer services for third parties, such as insurance companies, law firms, and employers. Assessments may be conducted for disability or claim management (Independent Psychological Evaluation), to assist the courts in determining the psychological consequences of a traumatic incident, such as a motor vehicle accident or crime (Psycho-legal Assessment), or to provide psycho-diagnostic and personality evaluation.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)/Psychiatric Service Animals (PSA)
We specialize in treatment with and prescription of emotional support animals (ESA) and psychiatric service animals (PSA) Chilhowee Psychological Services to facilitate the normal day-to-day functioning of our clientele. The therapeutic effect of animals to ameliorate the symptoms associated with psychological and emotional disabilities has long been known and documented.

If you suffer from a mental or emotional challenge, have trouble coping with what use to be normal day to day events, or believe you need the mitigating effects of an emotional support animal, Chilhowee Psychological Services encourages you to review our service.

100% Money-Back If You Fail to Qualify as Disabled.

All ESA assessments and sessions conducted by third-party licensed mental health professionals.

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