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Get a Letter for an Emotional Support Animal

Many of our clients come to us because they need professional confirmation of an emotional disability - and a letter prescribing an emotional support animal (ESA). Even if your pet is already registered as an Emotional Support Animal with an official registration agency, you will still need a letter prescribing your need for an emotional support animal written by a psychologist or other licensed Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP). That's where Chilhowee Psychological Services comes in: We make it easy! Click for more information about an ESA letter.

If you believe you have an emotional disability and already have or need to obtain an Emotional Support Animal, you'll need a letter from a mental health professional that prescribes an ESA. Although emotional support animals are treated similarly to Service Animals, if you plan to travel with your animal or wish to qualify for "no pet" housing, a letter prescribing an ESA is almost always required. This is because emotional support animals aren't considered "working" dogs, which are individually trained to perform an important life task for its handler. Order an ESA letter.

Both the Fair Housing Act and Southwest Airlines ESA policies allow for modification of "no pets" policies on the condition that the correct documentation, including an emotional support animal letter from a mental health professional verifying that the ESA is prescribed, is provided. That means that if you have supporting documentation (ESA certification or registration AND a letter from a Chilhowee Psychological Services contracted licensed mental health professional, for example), your emotional support animal will be able to accompany you on an airplane and you will qualify for housing in otherwise "no pets allowed" housing.

For more information about certifying your pet as an Emotional Service Animal with a reputable registration agency, click here.