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They were quick to respond back to my notice request as well as being friendly on the phone when I met with my psychologist. The money back guarantee is also a HUGE plus for the service to use!
Daniel S. · Huntsville, TX · 05/04/2020

Excellent service.
Steve W. · Philadelphia, PA · 03/24/2020

Helpful, understanding!!!
Nealie N. · Newport Beach, CA · 03/13/2020

Very professional and helpful
Maria P. · Bellevue, WA · 03/11/2020

Everything was very straight forward and simple to navigate. The Doctor was very attentive, nice and gave me a lot of good information. I would definitely recommend.
John H. · Tampa, FL · 03/04/2020

Office staff and therapist were very helpful in my getting ESA recertification at short notice for emergency travel.
GRAHAM R. · El Cerrito, CA · 02/26/2020

The Dr that interviewed me was kind supportive and helpful
DARIA H. · LOS ANGELES, CA · 02/26/2020

Ease of the online process and the immediate response from customer support.
Ed S. · Lahaina, HI · 02/24/2020

Consistent easy communication
Gina F. · San Diego, CA · 02/24/2020

excellent therapist
GLENDA G. · ARANSAS PASS TX, TX · 02/23/2020

Great fast professional service
linda m. · OCEAN CITY, NJ · 02/20/2020

Great company with wonderful customer service. Very professional
Laurel M. · Tampa, FL · 02/17/2020

I'm very very pleased with the service you provided me..Your staff was so understanding and kind.. Worked with me. For the rt time slot..I was not expecting the interview so a survived of many things we who need our service dogs ..its often we are judged for needing them..many ppl don't understand that..or treat us with the compassion or our Thank you very much for being rental and kind ..sincerely MS Riney
Nyla R. · Conroe, TX · 02/16/2020

They provided excellent customer service and got me taken care of swiftly. Very caring, understandable, and professional.
Deaunica B. · Grand Prairie, TX · 02/14/2020

Very grateful to you for the kindness and humanity you always have to assist me. Is very nice to contact you. Thank you so much for everything.
Andrea R. · Los Angels, CA · 02/07/2020

Fantastic service. My insurance (Kaiser) does not write letters for ESA's. This saved my life, because without my ESA, I am lost. Jennifer Allen is very pleasant to talk to and gives me the help I need.
Jennifer S. · Honolulu, HI · 02/06/2020

The staff was very helpful in educating me on the process as well as helping to navigate the process quickly to meet my travel needs. Everyone was very pleasant and easy to communicate throughout the process.
Tammy T. · Ellicott City, MD · 02/03/2020

Very friendly and explained everything I was unsure about. Thank you.
Sherry H. · Ft. Worth, TX · 02/03/2020

HVe worked with you for 9 years always totally satisfied
paula l. · Santa Fe, NM · 01/29/2020

Have been receiving their services for 6 years and everything has been great.
Jacqueline J. · Wayzata, MN · 01/28/2020

Jennifer Allen was very nice to talk with!
Barbara C. · Murrieta, CA · 01/23/2020

The information and service is amazing. I received my emotional support letter within a week. My therapist was so warm and caring and the response to my emails were very prompt.
Susanne B. · Kihei, HI · 01/21/2020

The services are easy to use and provide a great service.
Kelly R. · HUDSON, WI · 01/13/2020

Have been using them for 7 years. They are compassionate, caring and very professional.
Judy C. · Carmel, IN · 01/13/2020

Everything went wel
Johanna S. · Nieuw Beerta, XX · 01/10/2020

Very professional and helpful!
Laura B. · Spring, TX · 01/09/2020

very professional and very easy navigation through website. everything is well communicated and I was never left wondering what will happen next.
Eryn S. · Salt Lake City, UT · 01/05/2020

Very understanding of the problems because they are good listeners
josiane r. · MILFORD, OH · 01/02/2020

Quick and easy. Great communication
Patrick C. · Nashville, TN · 01/02/2020

Fast service no mistakes
Le Ann D. · Woodbridge, VA · 12/30/2019

Chilhowee Psychological Services was very professional, responsive and efficient in addressing my needs. I would highly recommend their services.
Alison S. · Eugene, OR · 12/29/2019

I've already recommended people to this service! Easy, fast, and super reliable
Jhonna T. · Owasso, OK · 12/27/2019

Service was quick and the therapist was friendly and genuinely concerned with my issues, unlike some therapists I've had in the past that would spend entire sessions spouting cookie cutter statements that weren't specific to me.
Andrew H. · Bryan, TX · 12/27/2019

So very easy and helpful! Made the process super simple and easy
Karson T. · Brentwood, TN · 12/27/2019

I’ve already recommended your services to two people. One is family and another is my best friend. This is my second time renewing my ESA with your services. I was contacted within 24 hours and had constant check ins with the coordinator to make sure everything was going smoothly. Thank you for making it possible to have my ESA Zoey as close to me as physically possible when I travel and at home.
Kristi G. · Chicago, IL · 12/26/2019

The process is very easy and professional.
Maureen S. · Los Angeles, CA · 12/20/2019

thanks- you guys are more efficient than ever
Tania C. · NEDERLAND, CO · 12/19/2019

Professional but personal, warm service that makes me always feel cared for.
Carol C. · La Jolla, CA · 12/17/2019

Excellent customer services. Very professional and helpful. Answered all questions quickly.
Deborah B. · Northport, NY · 12/16/2019

They were extremely helpful, very thorough and quick to respond.
Heather N. · Lakewood, CO · 12/10/2019

Super helpful, thoughtful & efficient. Thank you!
Jenel B. · Los Angeles, CA · 12/10/2019

Very professional service.
Carmem S. · Gaithersburg, MD · 12/09/2019

Very Professional and Courteous. It provides a valuable service
Agatha L. · Spring City, TN · 12/06/2019

Amazing costumer service, therapist was so sweet and professional. My letter worked fine, company really easy to work with! Thank you so much
Denise A. · SALT LAKE CITY, UT · 12/03/2019

You are a comprehensive testing site, are easy to use, and have compassionate professionals working for you. Thank you so much!
Andrea M. · Cupertino, CA · 12/03/2019

They are very professional and attentive. My psychologist, Cardelia Robinson, was super nice. I definitely recommend them.
Rosa P. · carolina, PR · 11/29/2019

Very good communication, products, therapist Jennifer Allen, etc.
Marlies R. · Reno, NV · 11/26/2019

very effecient
mark h. · CHICAGO, IL · 11/25/2019

Great customer service, quick process, and satisfactory product. Overall great experience.
Lisa R. · Reno, NV · 11/21/2019

Professional, caring, able to accommodate to my schedule.
Shirley C. · Port Angeles, WA · 11/20/2019

I've used their services for 4 years now. If I ever have a question they are very prompt in responding. They are caring professionals and I would highly recommend their services.
Ashleigh W. · Mobile, AL · 11/20/2019

Quick and friendly service
Viengkham B. · Morgan Hill, CA · 11/14/2019

The conversations I've had were extremely helpful, I appreciated how prompt working with Chilhowee was, and their attention to privacy concerns.
Heidi H. · San Francisco, CA · 11/13/2019

Quick, excellent service
Peter R. · Tampa, FL · 11/12/2019

Efficient handling of sensitive situation, Chilhowee knows their stuff and I am appreciative of their professional stance.
Lou H. · Charleston, SC · 11/12/2019

Excellent service across the whole process
ANA PAOLA C. · Revere, MA · 11/11/2019

Very professional and compassionate. Very efficient in response time and follow-up
Jean T. · Traverse City, MI · 11/11/2019

Everything went smoothly and I was happy with the experience
Alice C. · Goleta, CA · 11/09/2019

This is my third year using Chilhowee's services for my ESA - extremely satisfied with their services!
Carol M R. · SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA · 11/07/2019

Very helpful, especially because I was in a rush!
Gail Z. · stockton springs, ME · 11/06/2019

Received prompt efficient service with respectful care
Eileen S. · Egg Harbor Twp, NJ · 11/04/2019

Very very helpful great service
Morten K. · Greenwich, CT · 11/04/2019

The process and the continued support of your therapy group is amazing!....
Chris M. · San Mateo, CA · 11/02/2019

This company went above and beyond to help me and I will be recommending them to anyone who needs it!
HOPE B. · Wilmer, AL · 11/01/2019

It was a fast service and the person in charge of my case was very nice and understanding.
Nicolas B. · Brooklyn, NY · 10/30/2019

the service is done well and is very timely.
Richard H. · Berthoud, CO · 10/27/2019

Excellent service
Linda R. · COTE ST LUC, XX · 10/24/2019

Very nice and super helpful
Cody B. · Centennial, CO · 10/23/2019

Helpfull, Responsiveness, kind, reasonable. Thanks
Michael M. · Port Townsend, WA · 10/22/2019

As problems continue to arise with personal problems and my age, having the unconditional support and love and responsibility with my little dog Charlie, must say it's huge. With the support of your services I am more prepared and stronger to face life's challenge, thank you for being in my corner. Steve
Robert H. · Surrey, DC · 10/10/2019

All was done professionally and it was easy to access the therapist.
Marcia M. · Fountain Hills, AZ · 10/09/2019

The staff was polite, and kid enough to answer all my questions and concern. I appreciate all the help they provide for me.
Angelita G. · Colorado Springs, CO · 10/09/2019

Very proactive and responsive company.
Elane C. · Tampa, FL · 10/07/2019

Very professional they take into account how difficult it is to relive past trauma. Thanks for making the process as easy as possible.
Victoria V. · San Jose, CA · 09/30/2019

Very professional and speedy procedure. Staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Finished the entire process in under 10 days! Have already recommended them to several people in need of their services.
Demetra V. · Oak Lawn, IL · 09/26/2019

You have SUPER employees!
John B. · Sag Harbor, NY · 09/25/2019

That staff is amazing and so prompt with their services or requests I had!
Chandaly S. · West Lafayette, IN · 09/25/2019

Your staff was kind and supportive. I was able to fly with my pet with no issues, and that was a great comfort. Thanks for your help.
ASHLEY B. · NEW YORK, NY · 09/20/2019

The friendliest people are very helpful and very prompt. Everyone is friendly and care about the people who call in and need help. Thanks again for all your help
James S. · Colorado Springs, CO · 09/18/2019

Thorough service. Quick response from the therapist who provided positive feedback and good suggestions.
Paula W. · Santa Monica, CA · 09/13/2019

Very professional. Very good therapist.
Susanne P. · GUETHARY, XX · 09/11/2019

Extremely friendly and compassionate staff
Carrie K. · Venetia, PA · 09/10/2019

Your services are genuine! You care about the client and are extremely responsive...Thank you!
JULIA H. · LEXINGTON, KY · 09/07/2019

I have been extremely happy with using your services since 2005. I find you are so efficient, helpful and I really like my sessions I have with Cardelia. When traveling I do not stress overnew regulations from airlines because I know you will assist me to have the latest updates. Thank you so much
Judy B. · Jacksonville, FL · 08/31/2019

Extremely kind and prompt assistance from Ruby, Stephanie, and other staff.
Daniel J W. · Colombia, SC · 08/30/2019

I can't say enough good things about Chilhowee Psychological Services, particularly Cody, and the mental health professional who helped me. They were always quick with their responses, caring, helpful and efficient. It has made a great difference in my life to have an emotional support animal, which is a small dog who is so smart and knows when I need her to comfort me and provide emotional support. I highly recommend C.P.S. to anyone who has an emotional support animal for a mental health condition and needs a letter to verify it. Thank you to everyone at Chilhowee Psychological Services!!
Lori R. · Englewood, CO · 08/28/2019

Chihowee Psychological Services make the procedure easy to follow and complete. Thank you for all your guidance and help.
Susan J. · Huntington Beach, CA · 08/27/2019

The evaluation was very thorough and the counselor very knowledgeable. A very good experience .
adele a. · MIDDLETOWN, RI · 08/27/2019

The counselors at Chilowee have been extremely helpful over the years with paperwork to certify my pet as an ESA. It’s vital to me that he be close to me at all times.
Lynda E. · Kent, WA · 08/23/2019

I felt like my evaluator was understanding and i appropriate that it didn’t take a long time because talking to people makes me nervous and causes a lot of anxiety
Helen S. · Modesto, CA · 08/21/2019

It was great working with my therapist. The process went smoothly and was great.
Christopher L. · Boca raton, FL · 08/21/2019

Thank you for everything! I'm very happy with your service.
Isil Y. · Woodland Hills, CA · 08/20/2019

Attentive and extremely helpful. Very very happy with the phone calls! Great service and cannot recommend enough.
Autumn B. · Austin, TX · 08/20/2019

Great customer service. Professional and efficiency
claudia o. · BROOKLYN, NY · 08/15/2019

I always get a reply back as soon as I contact chilhowee. It makes me less anxious and everyone has a nice tone that helps me when filling out papada work that can be stressful. Making my experience easier to stay calm.
Jodi G. · Draper, UT · 08/06/2019

This service could not have been easier and more useful. Took about 30 minutes to fill out the assessment and then a 10 minute phone call with the doctor and boom, my letter was in the mail. If you need a letter for your ESA but don't have a doctor, I recommend this service so highly. Well worth the money and these people truly help.
Ashley J. · Scottsdale, AZ · 08/01/2019

The clinicians are very understanding and compassionate. They totally understand people's needs and make sure that they get the counseling and help they need. Would highly recommend them if you are in need.
Don P. · Norfolk, NE · 08/01/2019

THANK YOU your company has continued to provide me excellent service for years now and I am so truly grateful for all that you do to make my emotional issues so much easier to deal with. The work you do is so beneficial to people like me and it is a true blessing that you make the process attainable to those who need it.
Catherine B. · Camarillo, CA · 04/04/2019

You ladies are awesome! Really appreciate it! Thank you so much!
Carrie R. · Austin, TX · 04/03/2019

Thank you for your prompt and professional service! Greatly appreciated.
Pam W. · Palm Beach Gardens, FL · 03/22/2019

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