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Thanks so much. I appreciate the level of service that you guys are providing.
Drake H. · Ponte Vedra Beach, FL · 10/21/2016

Thank you so much!!! I think that I can finally sleep well knowing that my pets are protected!
Dianna C. · Santa Fe, NM · 10/13/2016

I wanted to thank Chilhowee, Mr. Sutherland and all the staff for your service, advice and support. I am very grateful and I will certainly recommend these services.
April C. · Clearwater, FL · 09/13/2016

Your service was very good, thanks very much.
Edgardo B. · Fort Lauderdale, FL · 08/25/2016

Thank you for being so efficient and accommodating.
Autumn W. · Arvada, CO · 07/28/2016

I once again had an excellent experience with your services and have left a review on Yelp. Thank you!
Jennifer W. · Schertz, TX · 07/11/2016

Thank you for providing this service without Chloe as my emotional support, I'd be lost.
Lynne F. · Upper Saddle River, NJ · 03/23/2016

I am just writing to let you know how pleased I am with your services. Seamus and I have made 3 round trips on American and stayed in a hotel and condo that only welcomed service animals. It has helped me so much to have him with me when I travel! I will definitely be re-applying in January.
Mary L. · Wheaton, IL · 03/20/2016

I wanted to inform Chilhowee that my therapy session(s) with Jerry S. went very well. He was prompt and reliable with his phone calls, he asked very insightful questions and he was very professional.
Sandy K. · Redondo Beach, CA · 03/03/2016

I will tell you that you get 10 stars from me, for ease of use, price and the professionalism of your personnel. I have already recommended your services to many others, via NSARCO, the site for service dogs. I hope this has been helpful and I greatly appreciate your services.
Jane R. · West Palm Beach, FL · 03/01/2016

This was my first time using Chilhowee Psychological Services. Everyone has been very timely, kind and helpful, whether through initial interviewing emails, the subsequent counseling phone calls, or ultimately the mailed prescription letter. And they've even helped with insurance reimbursement - which is the final step that I am working with them currently. I will use them again!
Nikki H. · Denver, CO · 11/02/2015

I was amazed at how easy it was to complete the psychological survey and the friendliness and professionalism of the interviewer. I was very nervous about trying to get help from Chilhowee but am so glad I did. It took me months to get up the nerve to consult them and if I would have known how easy and comfortable they make it all I would have done it years ago! I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my life so much better.
Michael D. · Hollywood, FL · 10/24/2015

This is my second year with Chilhowee Psychological Services. My CPS counselor completed my review with high regard to every detail. She was courteous, sincere, knowledgeable and very understanding as well as giving me suggestions for my extended care and well-being. I suffer from PTS from childhood molestation leading me into a very dark time in my life. The doctors diagnosed me with sever depression, high anxiety and extreme fear throughout my life, and finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 10 years ago. Now I can rest assured that my adorable ESA Maltese is allowed to go everywhere I go!!
Cora D. · Salem, MO · 10/19/2015

Chilhowee Psychological Services is an amazing company, with exceptional customer service. I felt extremely comfortable talking to my psychiatrist (Christie) during our phone interviews. They were extremely fast in getting everything I needed. My landlords were extremely pushy and rude to me regarding my ESA letter, and kept asking for more documentation, but Chilhowee was extremely accommodating the entire time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. I will definitely use their services in the future.
Becky S. · San Bernadino, CA · 09/14/2015

This is my 3rd year with Chilhowee Psychological Services ad I couldn't be more pleased. Excellent staff of doctors and very quick and organized in helping with my ESA Dog. I recommend them to the utmost degree.
Sam T. · Venice, CA · 09/11/2015

My interaction with the organization was both pleasant and very professional. Their in depth analysis was handled by a professional I found easy to talk with and explain my issues. The follow up analysis was done by the same professional which I appreciated and again had a exchange that was extremely worthwhile.
Jim F. · Ft Lauderdale, FL · 08/31/2015

This was easy and extraordinarily helpful! You have to be fastidious about filling out the assessment, but it is well worth it. Appointments were set quickly, the letter was sent promptly, my therapists were awesome. We take our virgin flight in two weeks and I've been practicing by taking my pup to public places and stores with his ESA vest on and its going very well. In fact, my anxiety is actually better just having gone through the process and feeling more confident about bringing my little guy to more places with me, even though that's not the point of the letter, I just feel that more doors have opened to us.
Jennifer W. · Schertz, TX · 07/28/2015

I have nothing but rave reviews for Chilhowee Psychological Services! The testing and interview process was extremely easy and quick. The times are a little weird because they're on PST, but other than that, everything was smooth and simple. I find it weird that someone could have such a horrible experience when it was honestly the smoothest process for me. I never leave reviews either, but I was skeptical going into this and reading other people's reviews really comforted me and I hope mine does the same! I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get a prescription for an ESA!
Taylor S. · Charlotte, NC · 06/24/2015

The testing and interview process was very professional and compassionate. My depression and anxiety are mostly reactive due to bad experiences, and I got a little weepy talking about the life events which have made me emotionally fragile, but knowing that I would be able to keep my best friend with me wherever I go made it SO worth it. As an added benefit, the cost paid for itself when I had to move out of my house suddenly and the pet fee was waived at the extended stay hotel!
Paula G. · Tallahassee, FL · 04/03/2015

First off let me say that this company is amazing!!! I was diagnosed with sever depression, and anxiety and have struggled over the past 6 years fighting doctors and switching to different people as nothing seemed to work. Having serious health issues to add to it has made it hard for me to accept taking prescription medications to help me with as most call it mental illness. I found Chilhowee Psychological Services through NSARCO.COM, and had over-the-phone talks with Dr. Timothy Livingood who was so amazing and helpful and in less than 24 hours after our last phone call he had my prescribed ESA letter for Opie e-mailed to me and 2 days later I received my hard copy. Thank you NSAR and Chilhowee Psychological Services for not only making my life easier but also making it possible for Opie and I not to get separated due to the ban of the Pit Bull. I will definitely refer you to anyone who I hear struggle with their life.
Brandi R. · San Diego, CA · 02/20/2015

I used Chilhowee Psych Services again this year with excellent results. Their online evaluation process is easy to complete and very thorough and the counseling sessions superb. This company provides a great service at a great price.
Rebecca S. · Austin, TX · 01/09/2015

The interviews were extremely helpful, offering thoughts for dealing with PTSD that I had not considered before. I have used them for two years and will continue to use them. I have not had any issues when flying with my ESA. The letters have been accepted without issue.
Vickie B. · Honolulu, HI · 11/25/2014

I am in the process of renewing my 2nd RX letter and wanted you to know that no one knows the comfort that my little dog has been to me this past year. Thank you for your service.
Kim P. · Jacksonville, TX · 08/18/2014

I just needed to write to you AFTER my experience flying with my dog. I went through the battery of tests from you all and was prescribed a letter recommending my dog be able to fly with me. I wasn't sure if the airlines would uphold it, or respond. I have to say, it was a great experience. The airline staff was so kind, the passengers, too, were very kind. I got to my new destination (we moved) without a hitch at all. I did not flaunt the fact he was with me. But it would not have even been possible without your help. Thank you so very, very much! You provide a wonderful service.
Kathy R. · San Benito, TX · 08/01/2014

This last year, having your letter and my ESA has been such a help for me in dealing with issues in life, I never thought I would be where having my Barney has been priceless. Last year when Dr. Sutherland spoke with me, it was such a relief. I would like to ask if I could have him again as my counselor this year, if possible, he was very understanding and helpful through the process.
Steve A. · Tacoma, WA · 05/24/2014

Thank you very much for your letter. I truly hope for the day, people would understand what an ESA does for their owner, and would no longer needlessly challenge us. Professionals like you make a difference in many of us and humankind. I am deeply grateful for your excellent services, and the kind assistance of your staff.
Andrea T. · Miami Beach, FL · 03/11/2014

Thank you again for your invaluable services! The entire process was quite insightful, and my two sessions with Mr. Scott Sutherland were very pleasant and helpful. He also provided me with timely resources and advice to help me better manage my stress levels and anxiety during my current move from NYC to Seattle.
Chritine I. · New York, NY · 10/14/2013

I was skeptical before ordering your services but with your letter I've already flown twice with my dog with no hassles. I appreciate your services!
Victoria D. · Pompano Beach, FL · 09/16/2013

You are Godsend! I haven't been able to fly in years because of panic, but just returned from a flight to see my only daughter in New Mexico. Having my beloved cat with me was the only way I could step foot on that plane. American Airlines even let me hold her in my lap. Thanks again!
Marcus S. · Escondido, CA · 05/11/2013

I have just been told by United that my request for an emotional support animal has been approved with no problems!! (and they will even refund what I had originally paid for an in-cabin pet!!) I just wanted to thank you SO much for the great service you have provided!! Cannot tell you how pleased I am that I will be able to fly with no hassle and without any pent-up anxiety... It is such a relief knowing that I will be able to have Farrah with me to soothe my anxiety while flying. A million thanks!!
Maria H. · Longmont, CO · 11/09/2012

I can't thank your business enough. Thank you seems so little but I mean it from the bottem of my heart. Thank You!
Sandy B. · West Salem, IL · 08/16/2012

Hi Timothy, I just wanted to let you know that my trip with my ESA animal from June 1 - June 11 went perfectly and without any problems. I am very thankful to you and CPS for helping me attain the prescription to allow Joey to fly and travel with me. I can't tell you what a help and a stress reliever it was! Thank you again for helping me!!!
Janel M. · North Richland Hills, TX · 06/13/2012

I have only had my dog for 5 days and already see a huge change in my life. I am so happy I found your clinic. You are really doing a great service for people who are in such need. Thanks to you I was able to save a life and in return she has completely changed mine for the better.
Jacqueline B. · Sherman Oaks, CA · 05/13/2012

I have a medical Dr. as well as a Therapist, who I spoke to just this evening about this, and they are willing to write the letter for me. My medical Dr. did so 3 years ago, but I choose to use CPS (last year first time) because you understand the language, and process better then my immediate care givers. In most cases I have to explain to them what I need, and am never sure if it will be contested because it wasn't written correctly. This is why I use your agency. Not only are you a legitimate service, you understand the needs for someone with an ESA or a Psy Service dog.
Terry M. · San Francisco, CA · 05/02/2012

Thank you for your assistance, support and professionalism.
Cookie S. · Willoughby, OH · 04/23/2012

Thank you so much - hard to express what this means. The short version is a roof over my head and the companionship of four big paws that are very important to me on many different levels.
John P. · Apache Junction, AZ · 12/14/2011

Thanks for the great service. I received my prescription and associated reference material quicker than I expected.
Arthur W. · Saginaw, TX · 12/10/2011

Thank you for your quick processing of my case. I feel so much better about my upcoming trip now. The thought of flying and then facing family issues withoiut help was nearly unbearable.
Janelle F. · Longmont, CO · 05/01/2011

Thank you so much for this great service. I just got back from my trip and had no problem at all flying with my support animal. When questioned by the airline staff, I pulled out my letter from your company. They made a quick note in the computer and on I went. Thanks again!
Kristin K. · St. Louis, MO · 01/21/2011

I'm so glad I found you guys. My local therapist isn't a believer in the effects animals have on people and wasn't willing to write a letter of RX for me. Your service kept me from losing my apartment which has become a no pet zone. THANKS!!
Katherine W. · Hollywood, CA · 10/15/2010

I appreciate the quick turnaround. I've already flown with my ESA and I wasn't a basket case. Couldn't have been smoother.
Gary T. · Miami, FL · 09/30/2010

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