These are unprecedented times, and at Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS), we're committed to helping the families and individuals we serve in good times and bad. We've already taken a number of steps to support our team and you, our clients. We're extending benefits to help our team members take care of themselves and their families, conducting even more rigorous cleaning procedures in our facility. We'll continue to do all we can to help navigate these uncertain times. Read on to learn more about our ongoing efforts.

Like many other businesses, we're taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommends regular cleaning as one of the most important preventive measures we can take. Health and safety are our first priorities, and we've introduced several changes to protect our staff and clients. Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS) has recently implemented a Work-From-Home program and nearly all our staff are now working remotely. For the few team members who still come to the office for production and shipping, gloves and face masks are required. All surfaces are routinely cleaned and sanitized.

Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS) takes care of its team and clients!