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Psychological and Emotional Disability Assessment: Fee $75
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Psychological AssessmentUtilizing effective psychometric and psychosocial online testing, our team of psychologists and mental health professionals will assess your emotional or psychological challenges and symptoms, and formally assign a DSM-5 diagnosis. This online assessment uses 256-bit encryption to keep your responses private. The findings of our assessment, along with the DSM-5 diagnosis are included in the formal clinical report we prepare and send to you.

For clients who need a letter from a licensed Qualified Mental Health Professional prescribing an emotional support animal, this Psychological/Emotional Disability Assessment is required unless one has been performed by us in the prior 12 months.

NOTE: For clients wishing to receive a letter from us prescribing the use of an emotional support animal, this is a separate option, but requires the psychological/emotional Disability Assessment to be performed first. Click here for more information about a Treatment Recommendation Letter.

The specific procedures employed by Chilhowee Psychological Services are tailored to the particular purposes of the evaluation, and may include one or more of the following components, all using our online system:

  • Psychometric testing
  • A clinical session to collect background information and assess current functioning
  • Collateral information (e.g., from other health care providers or family members), when available
  • Review of file information provided by the client and/or referring agency, when available

The formal results of the Psychological and Emotional Disability Assessment include:

  • Psychological AssessmentA DSM-5 diagnosis and verification of disability
  • A written summary report containing list of symptoms typically associated with the assigned diagnosis

The majority of our clients are able to complete the online clinical testing and session component of the process in approximately 45 minutes. Once you complete and submit the online component, we will begin the actual assessment and diagnostic process, which is formalized and documented in 2- 3 business days. If you elect to have an emotional support animal Treatment Recommendation Letter option included with your assessment, the entire package will then be mailed to you via USPS Priority Mail.

Getting Started

Before we can administer your assessment, you must first purchase it using our easy online system.

  1. Simply add the assessment service to your cart (above or below)
  2. Select the “treatment recommendation letter” option if you have or need an emotional support animal
  3. Checkout and complete your payment. Payment occurs in real time and you are immediately notified by a confirmation page at the conclusion of the checkout process.

You will also receive an email confirmation. Both the confirmation page and email display a link and instructions for completing the online clinical testing and session component of the process.

Psychological and Emotional Disability Assessment: Fee $75
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