Disability Assessment and Treatment Recommendation Letter for an ESA:
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Psychological AssessmentThe Assessment: The assessment process begins when a client completes a 12 component online test battery, which includes clinical session questions to collect background information, tests to assess current functioning, and a thorough medical and mental health history. The test battery uses 256-bit encryption to keep a client's responses private.

Once this comprehensive test battery has been scored, a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) reviews the results of each test, paying particular attention to the client's subjective responses and medical/mental health history.

Using the test results and other ancillary information (e.g., information from other health care providers, etc.) as a foundation, the licensed mental health professional will contact the client to establish a series of telephone and/or Skype counseling sessions to further evaluate his/her mental and emotional status. These counseling sessions are required to formulate an informed disability determination and cannot be bypassed.

The Treatment Recommendation Letter: We acknowledge that most clients are in some degree of emotional distress and order services through our agency believing they may qualify as disabled. However, not everyone qualifies. Ethically, our licensed mental health professionals must feel certain a client truly qualifies prior to assigning a "disabled" label. If, after examining the scored test battery and engaging the client in a series of telephone and/or Skype counseling sessions, the licensed mental health professional assigns a diagnosis and determines a client to be incapacitated by the negative symptoms associated with the client's disorder, a treatment recommendation letter is written, signed, and mailed to the client.

How Long Does the Process Take? The majority of clients are able to complete the online clinical testing and session component of the process in approximately two hours. Once the test battery is complete, it is scored within 24 hours, and the client is emailed to establish dates and times for the telephone/Skype counseling sessions. This begins the actual assessment and diagnostic process.

Treatment Recommendation Letter

The availability of the client and the number of counseling sessions necessary for the licensed mental health professional to make a valid assessment (a minimum of two) will determine how long the process takes. The process can take as little as several days and as long as two weeks. If a client qualifies as emotionally or mentally disabled, a formal treatment recommendation letter for an emotional support animal will be written, signed by the licensed mental health professional and mailed via USPS Priority Mail. Clients typically receive their documentation within 3-4 days, once mailed.

If additional counseling sessions are also prescribed by the licensed mental health professional, the client will be informed and a therapist available for follow-up sessions.

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