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Treatment Recommendation Letter: Emotional Support Animal: Fee $29
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Treatment Recommendation LetterFollowing a psychological/emotional assessment, a client may wish to request a treatment recommendation letter specifying the need to obtain or use a pet as an emotional support animal. The therapeutic effects that animals assert over human suffering and dysfunction have often proven to be astounding.

This theory has been proven repeatedly in medical studies where animals are brought together with those plagued with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease, as examples. Emotional support animals can also have tremendous positive effects on people without a disease or illness, but who experience sadness, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, or major life changes such as a death of a spouse or other significant person. In these cases, the very presence of an emotional support animal is effectively able to mitigate many symptoms associated with psychological and emotional disabilities.

Treatment Recommendation LetterAccording to the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act, for clients to qualify for “no pet” housing and to be accompanied on air flight by their emotional support animal, this letter must be dated within the last 12 months.

Note: To qualify for a Treatment Recommendation Letter, a Psychological and Emotional Disability Assessment must have been performed within the last one (1) year. This letter option can be requested at the time of the Psychological and Emotional Disability Assessment or anytime within one (1) year.

Getting Started

Before we can write and send your letter prescribing the need for an emotional support animal, you must first purchase it using our easy online system. Remember, if we haven't performed the initial assessment in the prior one (1) year, that will need to be purchased and performed in addition to your Treatment Recommendation Letter.

  1. Simply add the assessment service to your cart above
  2. Select the "treatment recommendation letter" option if you have or need an emotional support animal
  3. Checkout and complete your payment. Payment occurs in real time and you are immediately notified by a confirmation page at the conclusion of the checkout process.

You will also receive an email confirmation. Both the confirmation page and email display a link and instructions for completing the online clinical testing and session component of the process.

Treatment Recommendation Letter: Emotional Support Animal: Fee $29
Order This Service