100% No-Hassle Refund Policy For Your Emotional Support Animal

Want to Cancel Your Order?

If you cancel the emotional disability assessment any time before your assigned therapist assigns a diagnosis to your order, WE’LL REFUND 100% OF YOUR ORDER.

If You Fail to Qualify for a Letter of Prescription

In the event you fail to qualify for a prescription letter FOR ANY REASON, WE’LL REFUND 100% OF YOUR ORDER! No hassle, so stress.

Typographical Errors

Because of the automated nature of client-entered information (the CPS test component and data system relies on client input, not CPS staff input), it is extremely rare that CPS staff or the automated system will cause an error as it relates to a client name or address. If we make an error, however, we’ll gladly remedy the situation immediately and, if necessary, resend the documents or other forms at no cost to the you. In the event there is a typographical error caused by CPS, you aren’t entitled to a refund for services. CPS is happy to fix the problem and make it quick, but orders that have already been processed and qualified may not be cancelled or refunded.

Test Content and Client Answers

All CPS test content/questions, client answers/responses, therapist notes, etc. are the sole property of CPS and are unavailable to the client, original purchaser, and/or any public entity.