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What Our Clients Say

I can't thank your business enough. Thank you seems so little but I mean it from the bottem of my heart. Thank You!
—Sandy B.
West Salem, IL on 08/16/2012
Hi Timothy, I just wanted to let you know that my trip with my ESA animal from June 1 - June 11 went perfectly and without any problems. I am very thankful to you and CPS for helping me attain the prescription to allow Joey to fly and travel with me. I can't tell you what a help and a stress reliever it was! Thank you again for helping me!!!
—Janel M.
North Richland Hills, TX on 06/13/2012
I have only had my dog for 5 days and already see a huge change in my life. I am so happy I found your clinic. You are really doing a great service for people who are in such need. Thanks to you I was able to save a life and in return she has completely changed mine for the better.
—Jacqueline B.
Sherman Oaks, CA on 05/13/2012
I have a medical Dr. as well as a Therapist, who I spoke to just this evening about this, and they are willing to write the letter for me. My medical Dr. did so 3 years ago, but I choose to use CPS (last year first time) because you understand the language, and process better then my immediate care givers. In most cases I have to explain to them what I need, and am never sure if it will be contested because it wasn't written correctly. This is why I use your agency. Not only are you a legitimate service, you understand the needs for someone with an ESA or a Psy Service dog.
—Terry M.
San Francisco, CA on 05/02/2012
Thank you for your assistance, support and professionalism.
—Cookie S.
Willoughby, OH on 04/23/2012
Thank you so much - hard to express what this means. The short version is a roof over my head and the companionship of four big paws that are very important to me on many different levels.
—John P.
Apache Junction, AZ on 12/14/2011
Thanks for the great service. I received my prescription and associated reference material quicker than I expected.
—Arthur W.
Saginaw, TX on 12/10/2011
Thank you for your quick processing of my case. I feel so much better about my upcoming trip now. The thought of flying and then facing family issues withoiut help was nearly unbearable.
—Janelle F.
Longmont, CO on 05/01/2011
Thank you so much for this great service. I just got back from my trip and had no problem at all flying with my support animal. When questioned by the airline staff, I pulled out my letter from your company. They made a quick note in the computer and on I went. Thanks again!
—Kristin K.
St. Louis, MO on 01/21/2011
I'm so glad I found you guys. My local therapist isn't a believer in the effects animals have on people and wasn't willing to write a letter of RX for me. Your service kept me from losing my apartment which has become a no pet zone. THANKS!!
—Katherine W.
Hollywood, CA on 10/15/2010