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What Our Clients Say

Thanks so much. I appreciate the level of service that you guys are providing.

Drake H Ponte Vedra Beach, FL On 08/18/2022

Very satisfied with your service you did exactly what you said you were going to do and you helped me in a tough time in my life thank you very much.

DJ. C Waukesha, WI On 08/18/2022

Thank you so much! I am so enormously grateful for you and your organization. You have alleviated so much stress for me. THANK YOU!

Allyson T Brooklyn, NY On 08/18/2022

I am a new client/patient and I just wanted to thank you. I am very impressed and happy with your services and employee. I called earlier and spoke to Stephanie. We were on the phone for about half an hour and she made me feel right at home. She was very kind and welcoming, almost as if I were there in person. She walked me through all the steps and educated me about all I needed to know for an ESA. I am so happy I spoke to her. She truly made my day and I hope I can make hers by writing this about her. She is a good employee and for it being the first time I call, I have to say that I am completely satisfied with her service and your office.

Yaneysis T Lakeland, FL On 08/18/2022

Thank you so much for your prompt service.

Barbara V North Branford, CT On 08/18/2022

Thank you for providing this service without Chloe as my emotional support, I’d be lost.

Lynne F Upper Saddle River, NJ On 08/18/2022

Thanks a million! Your speed in having this completed is very helpful in putting my anxiety at ease! You guys are great!

Kelsey K Montclair, NJ On 08/18/2022

Thank you so very much! I am so inspired by your service that I would hope to be able to duplicate some sort of assistance to people in the future, within some kind of industry, that is as professional and efficient and even life-changing as your service is for folks like me! I am incredibly impressed by every step of this process ~ from finding the website, to phone calls, to email, each being completely dependable. It was not only my dog, loved so dearly, but the stability of my home that has been rescued. I cannot say enough thanks!

Kara H Deerfield Beach, FL On 08/18/2022

This was the fourth time I have used Chilhowee Psychological Services and the experience has been consistently excellent and helpful! Thank you so much to your very kind staff!

Sandra K Redondo Beach, CA On 08/18/2022

The Chilhowee company has been incredibly helpful and has far exceeded my expectations. The customer service I’ve received has been so excellent. I really cannot thank you enough.

Savannah F College Station, TX On 08/18/2022