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What Our Clients Say

It was great working with my therapist. The process went smoothly and was great.

Christopher L Boca raton, FL On 08/18/2022

I felt like my evaluator was understanding and i appropriate that it didn’t take a long time because talking to people makes me nervous and causes a lot of anxiety

Helen S Modesto, CA On 08/18/2022

The counselors at Chilowee have been extremely helpful over the years with paperwork to certify my pet as an ESA. It’s vital to me that he be close to me at all times.

Lynda E Kent, WA On 08/18/2022

The evaluation was very thorough and the counselor very knowledgeable. A very good experience .

adele a MIDDLETOWN, RI On 08/18/2022

Chihowee Psychological Services make the procedure easy to follow and complete. Thank you for all your guidance and help.

Susan J Huntington Beach, CA On 08/18/2022

I can’t say enough good things about Chilhowee Psychological Services, particularly Cody, and the mental health professional who helped me. They were always quick with their responses, caring, helpful and efficient. It has made a great difference in my life to have an emotional support animal, which is a small dog who is so smart and knows when I need her to comfort me and provide emotional support. I highly recommend C.P.S. to anyone who has an emotional support animal for a mental health condition and needs a letter to verify it. Thank you to everyone at Chilhowee Psychological Services!!

Lori R Englewood, CO On 08/18/2022

Extremely kind and prompt assistance from Ruby, Stephanie, and other staff.

Daniel J W Colombia, SC On 08/18/2022

I have been extremely happy with using your services since 2005. I find you are so efficient, helpful and I really like my sessions I have with Cardelia. When traveling I do not stress overnew regulations from airlines because I know you will assist me to have the latest updates. Thank you so much

Judy B Jacksonville, FL On 08/18/2022

Your services are genuine! You care about the client and are extremely responsive…Thank you!


Extremely friendly and compassionate staff

Carrie K Venetia, PA On 08/18/2022